5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Gift GTA V to Your Kids

Grand Theft Auto V is officially a nightmare for every mother. This crime epic of Rockstar Game is No.1 game mums should avoid giving their children. According to a recent survey, over 30% of women agreed to the fact that this game is not intended for their kids as Christmas present. It is banned in Indonesia, Brazil, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Here are the reasons you should look for other Christmas games online for kids instead of GTA V.


GTA V will officially be released with high level of violence. This brutal game may corrupt your kids’ minds. It includes murder, theft, assault, prostitution, armed robbery and attempted murder. In this game, the lead whimsically takes a machine gun and takes down innocent pedestrians and steals their money.


Along with being the violent game, GTA V is loaded with nudity. When you go on beaches, the lead will encounter topless women randomly. You might also witness strippers removing their stuffs along with partially nude babes in Playboy mansion.

Dubious Attitude for Women

The fifth series of Grand Theft Auto came with a lot of controversies and the sandbox title came with a recent criticism that it is the misogynistic and sexist attitudes for women. During missions, there are less female NPCs, depiction of women in storyline, recognized misogynistic radio messages, and glorification of prostitutes and strippers are the reasons why Grand Theft Auto V is sexist. The argument is, indeed, that the latest series of GTA V has doubtful attitudes for women. In short, there is no strong female lead role in this game, except three playable male roles.

Conveys Negative Message

Grand Theft Auto V is also conveying quite negative messages when we have to say about morality. GTA games are all about underworld in which criminals want to get rich faster. In V, the characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin are abhorrent murderers and robbers who maim all the way from San Andreas. They kill a lot of FBI agents and cops till the end of this game which is equal to terrorism in real world. They receive a lot of cash rewards for their illegal activities.


For the youth, Trevor can never be the role model. He is the chief of a lot of controversial scenes, like torture-centric missions which leads to huge criticism. Trevor is the one who made the game mothers’ nightmare.

Instead of giving your kids such a worst nightmare, it is better to look for child-friendly free online games at www.parentgames.com.