Role Playing Video Games

Role playing video games is another genre of video games in which the player controls a small number of game characters, generally known as party, and achieves success by finishing a series of quests. Players explore a game world, when solving puzzles and engaging in tactical combat. In online role playing video games characters generally grow in power and abilities. The characters in these video games are specifically designed by the player. These games usually have a highly developed story and setting, which is categories into a number of quests. Basically, there are two types of role playing video games online.

In the first types of video role playing games you can create a character and a non- linear story at the same time can make your own decisions. However in the second kind of role playing video games you have to commands a party of predefined characters through a dramatically scripted linear storyline. Moreover, online role playing video games are divided into different categories. Action role playing or action RPG is one of the role playing video games which incorporates with action games or action-adventure games. Drogon Slayer series and Ys series were the first action role playing games which were produced by Nihon Falcom in 1980s. Another version of this genre also includes Diablo clones.

Massively multiplayer role playing games is one of the other best role playing video games that evolve in the mid 1990s. These types of role playing video games basically feature objectives of finishing quests and strengthening one's player character. It rather involves many different players interacting with each other on the same persistent world in real-time. The most popular games in this genre include The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angwar, World of Warcraft, Phatasy Stars Online and EVE Online. However, roguelike video games are another sub genre of role playing video games.

Another video role playing game also include tactical role playing games. These types of video games embody gameplay from strategy games as an alternative to traditional role playing video games. The first tactical role-playing game was Nintendo’s Fire Emblem, but the term "tactics" was not widely used to describe such titles until Square’s final Fantasy Tactics popularized the genre in North America.