Adventure Video Games

Adventure video games are the types of video games that involves player to solve varieties of puzzles by interacting with people or the environment, most often in a non-confrontational way. These games do not involve any physical challenge. The adventure video games genre’s focus on story allows it to draw heavily from other narrative-based media including literature and film. Video adventure games consist of different variety of literary genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror and comedy. Almost all the adventure video games online are mainly designed for a single player. Moreover these types of games require strong characters and plots; character development tends to follow literary conventions of personal and emotional growth, rather than growth that affect game play.

Text adventures games were the earliest video adventure games. These games are also known as interactive fiction. Another adventure game which becomes popular in the late 80s was Zork series. However, graphic adventure games emerged as graphics became more common. Early graphic online adventure video games used text-parsers to input commands. The growing use of mice led to the point-and-click genre of adventure video games, where the player would no longer have to type commands. One of the best adventure video games include Visual novel. These adventure video games features mostly static graphics usually with anime style art. These games resemble mixed-media novels or tableau vivant stage plays. Many visual novels are dating sims including bishojo games. Some of the popular games of this kind include Dreamcast and Ace Attorney series.

The genre of interactive movie came with the coming of laserdiscs. These online adventure video games consists of pre-filmed full motion cartoons or live action sequence where you have to controls some of the moves of the primary character. In these types of video adventure games the only activity that you have to do is to select or guess the move the designer intend you to make. However, interactive games are different from the simply use full motion video. However, some of the recent interactive adventure video games include Tex Murphy and Fahrenheit.