Action Video Games

Action games are basically video games that accentuate physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. In other words, action video games include any game where the majority of challenges are physical tests of skill. Action video games online can also contain other challenges such as races, puzzles, or collecting objects, but they are not central to the genre. Players may also encounter tactical and exploration challenges, but these games require high reaction speed and good hand-eye coordination. The player is often under time pressure, and there is not sufficient time for planning complex strategy. Generally, faster action games are more challenging. However, online action video games have diverse sub kinds which include fighting games, shooter game and platform game.

Fighting games is one of the video action games that accentuate one-on-one combat between two characters. These action video games are generally played by linking together long chains of button presses on the controller to use physical attacks to fight. The characters in these action video games employ many movements which are usually dramatic and occasionally physically impossible. Combat is almost always one-on-one, but there are some exceptions such as the Super Bros Series and Guilty Gear Isukla. However, maze action video online have a playing field which is entirely a maze, which players must navigate. Quick thinking and fast reaction times are encouraged by the use of a timer, monsters obstructing the player's way, or multiple players racing to the finish. The most popular game of this kind is Pac- Man.

Pinball video action games are basically virtual pinball tables, designed to retroflex the look and feel of a common pinball table. Most pinball video action games feature the same game play style, where the player controls a right and left flipper, and tries to make the ball hit various parts of the playfield to gather up points. However, pinball online video action games have become more popular in recent years on handheld systems, as opposed to consoles. Platform games are also one of the best action video games which involve traveling between platforms by jumping. Other traditional elements include running and climbing ladders and ledges. However, these video action games are mostly associated with cartoon mascots such as Donkey Kong, Mario, Megaman and Rayman. Moreover, there are also 3D platform games.